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All About Me

Welcome to the wonderful world of Logan Chance. I'm a USA Today Bestselling Author. A Top 20 Amazon Best Seller, International Best Selling Author, as well as a Goodreads nominated Best Debut Author 2016. 

So, don't be shy. Sign up for my newsletter and learn all about me, my kitchen, my cute little puppies, and most of romance novels. 

I write what I like to call Dramadies (Drama + Comedies), books filled with sexy banter, quick wit, and of course many swoon worthy, heartfelt moments. 

You can check out all my books here. I'm excited to get to know you. Be sure to follow me around, AND check out my shop. 

My Philosophy

I believe in treating each and every reader with respect and giving them the best reader experience with high-quality books and products. 

I also believe Star Wars is one of the greatest movies of all time, and that baby goats are funny. 

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