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Three brothers. Three stories. Three happily ever afters. 

For the first time ever, USA Today bestselling author, Logan Chance, has combined the Trifecta Series in one unforgettable collection. Remember, what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas.  

Hot Vegas Nights- There’s only two rules to being a male stripper in Vegas. 
#1. Always be attainable. 
#2. Never fall in love. 
And I’ve been living by these rules for a very long time. I love my life. I’m one-third of the Trifecta, only the naughtiest male revue show Sin City has ever seen. 
My days consist of working out, saving money, and entertaining women both on and off the stage. 
Until the moment, Clara walks into Big Willie’s and wants nothing to do with me. 
She avoids me at every turn. 
And it drives me crazy. 
But, when she needs a date for her step-sister’s wedding, there’s only one person she can turn to. 
And I’m more than happy to be the piece of meat on her arm. 
Date for the wedding, and nothing else. 
Only one problem, I find myself wanting more. 
This is all new to me, and I find myself breaking both my rules. 
But this is Vegas, baby, and sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Dirty Vegas Nights- My body’s made of iron. 
My muscles are sculpted by God himself.
And my green eyes have been described as ‘lady magnets’ by the Vegas Tribune. 
The Trifecta sensation is only the dirtiest male revue show Vegas has ever seen. We’ve been blazing the stage for a while and have gained quite the fan base. Women travel from across the country just to catch a glimpse of us. 
I’ll let you in on a little secret...I hate every second of it. 
It’s just not me.
I despise being viewed as a piece of meat.
When my new neighbor, Emma moves in next door, I hate that she sees me the same way. 
But, when her and her daughter are in danger, a possessive need to protect her takes over. 
The more I get to know Emma, the more I realize she’s more like me than I realize. And I won’t let her past stand in the way of our future.

Filthy Vegas Nights- I’m a male exotic dancer. Yeah, I said it. 
And let me tell you, it’s a means to an end, my friend.
My brothers and I are the kings of Las Vegas. Owning our own male revue club has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. 
And now that dream is finally a reality. 
My nerves are shot. 
The stress is real. 
And I need just one night to let loose. 
But, after a night I won’t soon forget it’s time for the club’s premier. 
And the new bartender, Shayne is late. I’ll have his head for this.
But when Shayne shows up for his shift, he’s not exactly what I was expecting. 
Shayne’s a girl. 
A very pretty, no, beautiful woman with striking green eyes. 
The same eyes I gazed into the night before. 
My life just got a whole lot more complicated. Because I’m the boss and I can’t fraternize with the employees. But, there’s just something about Shayne I can’t stay away from, and pretty soon I won’t be able to stay away no matter how hard I try.

WARNING- This hot, dirty, and filthy collection is comprised of three triplets who dance for money, and will do anything for the women they love. Binge this series today.

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