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From USA Today bestselling author Logan Chance comes a laugh-out-loud comedy centered around a zany kindergarten teacher and the insane antics she goes through to meet a smokin' HOT firefighter. 

Five Things. That’s the title of the video I’m watching. Each day, a social media coordinator picks a fireman from the Hightower Hills Fire Department to interview, and she asks him ‘five things’ about himself that the community may not know. I keep rewinding back to the man of my desire—Corbin Carmack. 
If you ask me five things about myself that people may not know, it would go a little something like this: 
1. I love a man with brown eyes. 
2. I’ve never wanted a stranger as much as I do him.
3. I’m going to extremes that could get me tossed in jail just to steal glimpses of him.
4. For the last two months I’ve blown off friends, family, and everything in between just to stay up late at night and watch this video as I pleasure myself to sleep.
5. I set my house on fire to meet him.

In my defense, I never meant for there to be so much smoke. And I never meant to pass out before my firefighter hero could save me. 
But, looks can be deceiving, and this firefighter is nothing like he portrays on social media. In fact, he’s much worse. He’s a cold-hearted bastard and I hope I never have to see him again. 
But I do. 
Because now he seems to appear everywhere I go. And I can’t get enough.

“Corbin And Olivia Are Setting The World On Fire! This is absolutely one of my favorite reads all year. I laughed so hard out loud that I forgot where I was and had people look at me strangely.” Cheryl, Goodreads Reviewer

Corbin, he is just everything you would want in a sexy, arrogant fireman! Cocky, swoony.... just smokin!” Meghann, Meg Talks Romance Novels

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