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Date Me

Erik Murphy, bad boy pilot, has everything figured out, or so he thinks.
His ex is getting married. He needs a date. 
Two meddling sisters and One dating app later, Erik finds himself in a whirlwind of online dating. 
Will he be able to find a date in time? Will he find something more instead? 
Kayla MacPhearson thinks her best friend Belinda Hittle, an extreme introvert, needs to spice up her dating life. Kayla hooks her up on a dating app and sits back to watch the sparks fly. 
What happens when it all doesn’t go as planned? Will these two find love?

Study Me

A forbidden Student Teacher affair that will heat up your kindle and melt your hearts. 
Study, eat, and repeat. For the life of a medical student Marley Murphy has her work cut out for her. 
To make matters worse, her professor Houston Dale is one of the hardest teachers around. His sole purpose is to make each student suffer. 
When Marley is asked to be his assistant for the semester forbidden sparks will fly between them. 
Houston Dale hates teaching Anatomy. With a secret past he won’t let anyone get too close. 
But, when his assistant lives across an alleyway and he can see all the naughty things she does in her bedroom at night, Houston can’t contain himself. 
Forced to choose between his past and present, will Houston be able to be strong enough to withstand the temptation of his student? 

Save Me

A standalone friends to lovers military romance.
Ryan Wagner, is fresh out of the service, and trying his hardest to settle into his life in Miami. 
Lizzy Packer hasn’t seen Ryan since he left for boot camp. 
The boy who left is nothing compared to the strong man who has returned. 
As a physical therapist, Lizzy gets to rub her hands all over his strong arms. 
It’s just a friendship. 
A friendship she’s cherished since she was a little girl.
But, when the lines blur and then become nonexistent, will she be able to keep her feelings at bay? 
What happens when life throws you a curve ball, and nothing is as it seems? 
For these two, sometimes seeing is just an illusion that one day fades. 

Break Me

Bad Boy Pollux is on a mission. 
Katy needs a fiance to help her land a promotion. She hires Pollux, and can't fight off her attraction for the mysterious Alpha male. 
Posing as Katy's fiance is a lot harder than it seems.
But, he’ll get what he wants from her. 
But, what he wasn’t expecting was to get so much more.

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