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The Favor

From USA Today bestselling author, Logan Chance, comes a quick short read between a brooding Hollywood agent and his bombshell young actress. 

Abby Carmichael is unstoppable. She's a force to be messed with, and everyone in the world knows her best for her blockbuster role, Seraphina. But Abby longs for more. She can't find anyone to date because of her super stardom. All she wants is normal for once in her life. 
What she really wants is her hardworking all-serious manager, Emmett Garfield. She just knows her can deliver a good time in the bedroom. Something she so desperately wants. 
She hatches together a plan with his assistant to get Emmett to deliver on the goods she knows he's got. 
One night. 
Full of forbidden desires. 
Full of secrets. 

But will Abby get more than she bargained for? And what will Emmett do once he's realized the truth? 

** This is a SHORT romance that was previously available on Vella. Standalone romance featuring many HOT scenes between a big-time Hollywood agent and the number one actress in Hollywood.

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