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We All Fall Down

Now a Top 50 Amazon Best Seller 

"Love can cost you everything." 
Bella Hattie is young, beautiful, and unpredictable as Florida sunshine. 
I shouldn’t be lusting after her soft curves, or craving her sweet lips. But I definitely am. 
She looks at me like I’m a good man. I’m definitely not. I’m a wolf garbed in cop’s clothing, hiding secrets beneath my badge. More and more, I have to fight the urge to devour her. 
Things are not going according to plan. She wasn’t supposed to get under my skin. She definitely wasn’t supposed to ask me to kiss her. And I sure as hell wasn't supposed to do it. She’s making me forget why I’m here, making me feel like I need to protect her. When what she really needs to be protected from is me.

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