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Love Doctor

From USA Today bestselling author Logan Chance comes a love story about a doctor and his assistant. This standalone page-turner will have you questioning your sanity while reading about a strong female lead aspiring to reach her goals, and the man who is going to help. 

What happens when you ask your boss to teach you about sex? Well, for this quirky personal assistant, she’s about to find out. 

Rose is ready to publish her first novel. There’s one small problem- besides the fact it’s scary to put yourself out there-her boss, Dr. Sincock was her muse. Let’s just say she took some creative liberties with him. 
But it’s ok, he’ll never know. 
Now Rose has a new problem, she can’t stop fantasizing about the things he does to her in the book. 
She should just quit, find a new job, but now she has another plan. She’s going to ask this six-foot hotter than magma boss of hers to educate her on how to write hotter scenes. He just doesn’t know it yet. 
Love Doctor is an all new standalone featuring Declan Sincock from the Playboy Series. If you enjoy witty, hilariously funny romantic comedies, then you’ll love the latest installment of this boss-employee romance by USA Today bestselling author, Logan Chance. 
Sink into this sizzling page-turning must read today. 

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