This is everything you need to know for having the successful release you've always dreamed of. This penny-pinching plan gives you the know-how to release your romance book without breaking the bank, or hiring a costly PR company. 

It's everything a PR company will do for you, and things you can do yourself. 

It includes, 

  • All the sign up forms you'll need.
  • How to create each form.
  • Selecting an ARC team, and where to find readers. 
  • Scheduling Promotions. 
  • Takeovers.
  • Cross-Promotion and Release Parties. 
  • An easy-to-make Promotional Document
  • Every Graphic you'll need for your release. 
  • How to make blogger packets with HTML
  • Sending out ARCs
  • Blogger share emails and so much more. 

Penny-Pinching Release Plan