Are you a new author? Do you have no idea where to find new readers? Well, I have all the answers in Building A Strong Author Platform. This book will help you establish trust with the reader, allowing your book sales to skyrocket. Every author needs to know where to begin, and this is a great starting point for any author just starting out in self-publishing. 

It's also a great tool for seasoned authors as well. 

The book includes a content calendar for your social media, as well as many tips and tricks from Logan Chance. 


Here's what students are saying about Logan Chance's Dominating the Indie Author World courses, 


"Logan provides the vital stepping stones for every author, whether it’s a well structured release plan or the foundations for ads. He has a wealth of knowledge and brings it to the table in bite size chunks with a professional attitude. This course is worth every penny." - Autumn Archer


"This course was AMAZING! So much info to get through, things I probably would have never figured out on my own and Logan always explained things until I understood them. I wish this class was available when I first started out!" -Nicole Rodrigues


"I’ve been a published author for four years and have seven published books to my name. They have excellent reviews but make next to no revenue. I was well aware that I was obviously still lacking in the way I dealt with most of my social platforms, but I didn’t honestly know where to start. Then Logan offered this fantastic opportunity, I jumped onboard and didn’t look back. He was very informative, helpful and made sure I understood everything. After following his program I have now overhauled every platform I’m on, and I have even run my very first ads🎉 I still have more to do, but I’m inspired to carry on. I would definitely recommend being mentored by Logan. Thank you." - A. S. Roberts


"I can't recommend Logan enough! He gives great advise for those who are just starting out to those who are trying to up their author game." - Harlow Layne




Building A Strong Author Platform

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