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Ever wondered who your favorite romance author was? Yes, today we'll delve in about the man behind the beard.

I've always been a fan of books, so best place to start with is a list of favorite movies. Yes, I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, so of course at the top of the list is the Star Wars Saga. I'll include the whole saga as fave movie because we don't want to get into my opinions and such of all the movies as individuals and if I liked them or not, we'd be here for hours lol. Other movies I love are, Snatch, Avengers (actually all the Marvel movies), Die Hard (1, 2, 3, and 4...NOT 5), Tropic Thunder, Inception, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, A Few Good Men, The Rock, Goodfellas, and I'm sure I'm missing a few, but you get the gist.

Books: Now notice I didn't say the Harry Potter movies, and yes I'm not here to argue, I LOVE the movies, but the books are among my top top pick. I am a Harry Potter fan, and think the books are so good (as well as the movies), IT by Stephen King, I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan and have a collection of all the books. I like many mysteries and crime thrillers such as, Mark Dawson, James Patterson, Tom Clancy, and so on.

Food: Now, recently, actually not so recently anymore almost going on a year now, but back in July I made the decision to go vegan for my health. Now, I know many people have different views on vegans, so we won't get into that. My fave foods include, pizza (of course), hamburgers, falafels, lasagne, picadillo, tacos (I could go on and on with different types of tacos I eat), sushi, tofu and veggies. And the list could go on and on.

Now, a little about me personally... I started writing many years ago, but didn't start writing (or publishing) romance until 2016 with my first book Like A Boss (currently free on all platforms.)

From there I explored different genres in the romance field with angst, heartbreaking, romantic comedies, mafia, until I finally settled on Comedies. I do love to write books with a funny element to it. I love creating witty banter between two characters and watching how it blossoms into so much more.

This year 2020, I plan on exploring the romantic comedian in me and have a slew of books all planned out.

More about me, I have two puppies (well, they're not so much pups anymore) Thor and Loki, and you can follow them on Instagram @thorki_themorkies

I also enjoy running, crossfit, and have found a new love for cooking. Although I'm not the best at it just yet. I also enjoy, besides writing, enjoy watching TV. (there's so many shows I watch) What shows do you love?

I choose not to show my picture for a variety of reasons, and now it's become such a huge part of my brand. Maybe one day I'll show up at an author signing, But, I tend not to focus on that as much as delivering great books.

Do you have any questions for me? I'd love to answer them...

Also, if you love romantic comedies, or any type of romance you should check out my books on Amazon.


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Aug 15, 2021

|I've read all your books except one, Ransom. I cannot find it anywhere. Would you take pity on a 79 year old woman who is confused by that fact. my email is /Slava

Aug 15, 2021
Replying to

That book is no longer available, sorry.


Lacy Pettit
Lacy Pettit
Jul 05, 2020

Your books were a bright find amongst the chaos of the world. Thank you! I've read the "Playboy" series and " Never Kiss a Stranger" and about to start "Taken". You came up on my Kindle recommended and I took the dive. I like creativity in all it's forms and although I'm not much of a wordsmith I have my creative outlet in painting, drawing, and leather tooling. Your wit is inspirational and the added steaminess makes the read even better. Keep doing what you are doing and I'll continue to absorb the Awesome. Oh and the no pictures I get it (I hate pictures of myself and pretty sure some of the forces school pictures of my past could…


Kristin Myron Gray
Kristin Myron Gray
Apr 29, 2020

I recently started to read your books this past week. I have read 6 of your books so far. They are truly page turners and I love them. I had to come over to your blog to find more about you. It was kind of cool finding out about things you like will definitely say I have some things in common with you book wise. Always interesting to see what kind of books an author likes to read. I will say the only books I really don't care for are horror same with movies. I also found it interesting that you have never shown your photo and how it has become part of your brand...very mysterious but so …


Valerie Degeorge
Valerie Degeorge
Mar 06, 2020

Love love all your books you’re such a talented author and it’s been an honor seeing how much you’ve grown and stal.... um following 😜 in your journey. I’m so excited to see what else you’ve got in store for us

Best of luck always to you.

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