There's been a murder, and we need your help to solve it. 

Dean Maddox (you can meet him in TAKEN and THE DECEIT DUET) works security for many different 'organizations'. He helps some of the biggest criminal masterminds settle 'in house' murder. 

Don Carrasino is one of the most feared men in all of New York. He doesn't back down, and he's definitely not one to be double-crossed. 

Don Carrasino, a nefarious (and notoriously ruthless) mafioso has many people on his payroll and he and his 'gang' enjoy spending Friday nights at The Joint, playing cards, drinking hard liquor, and basically shooting the shit. 

One night, Danny “Chuckles” Luciano, the Don's right hand man, was enjoying drinks, cards, and conversation at The Joint. The evening was shaping up to be quite festive when suddenly Chuckles stiffened in his seat, made a choked gurgling noise, and fell over dead at the bar, clutching at his throat. Now it’s up to you to figure out what happened to the Don’s right- hand man. In this email I'll go over all the characters, and possible motives. THEN, I'll let you come up with your first guess. NOW, obviously I'm not going to tell you If you're right (sometimes people get a lucky guess) but there will be MANY opportunities to win prizes. So keep playing along.

 As soon as Chuckles was pronounced dead, the Don knew he wanted to get to the bottom of this murder and called Dean immediately. 

Dean was soaking up the sun on his own private island off the coast of Dubai when the call came in. He immediately charted his private jet, and headed to New York. 

He would get to the bottom of this, and figure out exactly who killed Chuckles. But, the case was not as easy and laid out as he'd he needs YOUR help to solve this one. 

Let's meet the suspects...

The Hitman 

Gino Cabella, a well-dressed, soft-spoken, cold-as-ice hitman in the employ of Don Carrasino.  He's been responsible for the deaths of many men in his time (usually through the judicious application of cyanide, a supply of which he keeps hidden in his car), but he's saying he had nothing to do with Chuckles's death. 

Dean's not sure he believes him. In fact, Dean is thinking Gino has the most to gain from killing off Chuckles. 

The Shooter 

Catalina “Crazy Cat” Macciano, one of Don Carrasino’s top soldiers, skilled with a wide variety of different firearms. She's earned a reputation for being fast acting under pressure and ruthlessly efficient, and her quick smile and ribald wit have endeared her to the Don. Nevertheless, her movement upward in the Don’s organization has been somewhat stymied by her fiery temper and tendency to hold a grudge.

Dean has learned from the Don that Catalina never much cared for Danny “Chuckles” Luciano. When Dean questioned her about Chuckles, she said he was loudmouthed, obnoxious, and sleazy, he was also the planner behind a failed bank heist two years ago that resulted in her brother, Jimmy, being shot down by a security officer.

The Dame 

Claudia Navarra, Don Carrasino’s girlfriend. She's sultry, sexy, and beautiful, but her sensual exterior conceals a keen mind and an eye for business. In addition to her personal relationship with Don Carrasino, she also takes care of the bookkeeping for several of the organization’s front businesses (a fact that none of the other gang members know).

Dean can't resist staring a little too hard when he first meets Claudia, even though he knows the Don would kill him just for looking once. 

Claudia normally doesn't interfere with business, and normally stays home most nights. But, the one night she does accompany the Don for drinks is the same night Chuckles ends up dead. 

The Don told Dean that Claudia doesn't care much for his right-hand man, Chuckles, but he could never see someone he loves doing something so horrendous. 

The Bodyguard 

Antonio “Lefty” Bonocello, personal bodyguard to Don Carrasino. A tall, imposing, quiet-voiced man with a menacing aura, and he makes it his business to see to it that no one imposes on the Don’s personal space.

He picked up the nickname “Lefty” about a year ago, when the Don’s consigliere, Danny “Chuckles” Luciano, broke his right index finger as punishment for letting a press photographer get close enough to snap a picture of Don Carrasino.

Dean's heard it through the grapevine that Chuckles and Lefty never got along. Its obvious Lefty is the man behind it all, but that's too easy. Dean has never liked easy...and something about this whole thing doesn't feel easy at all. 

The Driver 

Lorenzo Pennino. Talkative, likeable, and always ready with a joke, he takes care of the gang’s transportation needs. Usually this just means chauffeuring people from one location to another, but every once in a while it’s more exciting work, like serving as a getaway driver for a heist; that’s the sort of job that he likes best. 

Right from the start, Dean and Lorenzo hit things off. This man is a wealth of information, Dean thinks to himself. 

Not just last night, Lorenzo told Dean, "when the Don gets angry, everybody is likely to suffer."