The Conman 

'Dirty' Vinnie Marino. A smooth-dressing, smooth- talking ladies’ man, he runs the gang’s confidence scams, and he's amassed a substantial fortune by way of his silver tongue and good looks.

Dean doesn't know what to think of Dirty Vinnie, but he seems to be well-liked by the whole crew. 

He pulls him off to the side, trying his best to gauge exactly how to perceive him. 

"What did you think of Chuckles?" Dean asks, leaning against the solid oak bar. 

"I was very fond of Chuckles. Sure, he was crude and a womanizer, but he was a good guy all around, and I'm mad as hell to see him killed off in cold blood. Hopefully you’ll be able to figure out who was responsible, so the Don can dish out some old-world justice." 

The Thug 

Roxie “Stiletto” Russo, a beautiful, dangerous, short- tempered woman who grew up on the mean side of the streets and has the scars to prove it.

The minute Dean is introduced to Roxie he knows he's in trouble. He's never seen anyone more stunning in all his life. She's sex in five-inch heels, calling his name. It's been a long time for Dean, but he isn't willing to botch this whole assignment just for some action. Even though he knows Roxie would be the exact kind of action he's been looking for his whole life. 

The Bartender 

Regina Guissepe, the bartender at The Joint, Don Carrasino’s personal bar and hangout. She's polite, professional, and very discrete, which is probably one of the reasons why the Don keeps her around (the other being the wicked Dirty Martinis that are her particular house specialty).

Dean doesn't suspect her, much, but she was present the night of the murder, and it's best to question everyone involved so he can get to the bottom of this.